The J. Robert Gladden Orthopaedic Society is pleased to partner with J&J/Depuy to provide a call for grant applications for clinical or basic science  orthopaedic research questions. 

Eligible applicants must be practicing orthopaedic surgeons and must have been a JRGOS member in good standing for at least two years. 

Deadline for Grant submission: December 22, 2023  

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Practicing Orthopaedic Surgeon 
  2. Active Member in good standing of JRGOS for at least two years
  3. JRGOS must be recognized for its support of the work and upon all subsequent occasions when the data is presented (abstracts, publications, media, social media)
  4. All research grant recipients are required to submit their research abstract to the
  5. Orthopaedic Section of the National Medical Association (NMA) annual meeting, and are strongly encouraged to attend the NMA annual meeting.
  6. No indirect costs are allowed as part of this grant. 
  7. Research should be completed within 12 months of grant receipt, no cost-extensions are allowed on a case-by-case basis


Title of Project:

  • Abstract (max. 350 words)
  • Specific Aims of the Study (1 page)
  • Research Plan (6 pages maximum), have these 3 components

                I.    Significance
                II.   Innovation
                III.  Approach

  • References
  • Budget
  • Project Timeline (for each of the Specific Aims)