OREF is pleased to announce that the OREF Michael P. Kelly Sr. Leadership Fellowship Program is now accepting applications. This new one-year virtual fellowship program is designed to aid and develop leadership skills in the orthopaedic resident's research career path. The curriculum focuses on leadership development, including cultivating integrity, selflessness, decisiveness, organization, benevolence, vision, communication, and innovation.

Curriculum Components

  • Individual Coaching & Mentoring (6 months) – An individual coach is assigned based on the resident's particular needs. Regular meetings are conducted to discuss life management, decision-making, career-building, and other leadership actions.
  • Clinical Research Coaching & Mentoring (6 months) – An experienced orthopaedic clinical researcher will be assigned to guide and mentor the participant in developing and navigating a clinical research career path.
  • Clinician Scholar educational opportunities, focusing on clinical research career development, may include clinical research grant writing training.
  • Annual Leadership Retreat – Participants are invited to a half-day-long program administered by a prestigious faculty covering general leadership principles, including an emphasis on resilience and energy management.

Eligibility criteria include being an Orthopaedic Resident (PGY3 - PGY5), Orthopaedic Fellow or Orthopaedic Surgeon with less than 2 years in practice. Per the program sponsor’s intentions, the participant selection process will prioritize the selection of women and underrepresented minorities. Visit https://bit.ly/47bmc0Q for more information and to apply.